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Hydrostar Joban KYB (Kayaba) MRH and MRH2 Hydraulic piston Motor

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Hydrostar Joban KYB (Kayaba) MRH and MRH2 Hydraulic piston Motor
  • 2015-11-24
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KYB (Kayaba) MRH and MRH2 Hydrostar Joban Hydraulic Motor

The Hydrostar Motor is a Radial Piston design that provides a Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) output.
This very durable workhorse is used in a wide variety of applications from Fishing to Forestry,
Mining to Marine, Recycling to Shredders, as well as Conveyors and Railroad Equipment.


Speed is infinitely variable and the torque is constant over the entire speed range.
Excellent efficiency allows precise positioning of driven equipment.
Rapid acceleration, deceleration and reversing.
Large main bearings assure long life and allow heavy side load capacity.
25 standard models offering up to 20,000 lb. torque.
Many multiple displacement models.
SAE ports including 4 bolt flanges and straight threads.
SAE splines and tapered keyed shafts are standard.
Several drain port locations to ease mounting.
Seals made of Viton?.
Availability from regional stocking locations.
Distributors throughout the world.
MRH 200,MRH 500, MRH 650, MRH 750, MRH 1350, MRH 1500, MRH 2200, MRH 3150, MRH 4400, MRH 6200,
MRH-8600,  , MRH2-1500, MRH2-2200, MRH2-3150, MRH2-4400, MRH2-6200

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